The Vapor That Clears The Chest And Eliminates The Cough

There are so many varieties of coughs, it would not be possible to name it all in this short note. The note has to be short. In about a half an hour’s time another smoke break is due to the hardworking scribe putting this note together for you. But get this, the guy putting together this note is not coughing like you will when you take your next smoke break. Maybe you’ve taken liberties at home and are getting away with murder.

Pause for thought. The smoke break came a lot earlier than anticipated. No, it was not the strong cravings that did it in. All it was, really, was yet another healthy mind break. And what have they been telling you all along about spending too much time in front of the terminal. While the mind was enjoying its rightful break it decided to take a few absorbing puffs from none other than vapor liquid for e cig holders.

Pause for thought (again). This is you. You are taking liberties at home. Seated at your desk (don’t forget to take that mind break but leave those cancer sticks right alone), you are puffing away. But you are also hovering and hesitating, trying your utmost to stifle your next nicotine induced cough. That’s one of the many coughs that folks suffer from. In the context of this short note, it can now be mentioned.

vapor liquid for e cig

This is one of the most disheartening of all coughs. The worst suffering chain smokers usually have to put up with it in the morning, and it is traditionally known as the smoker’s cough. When taking a puff from your e cigarette holder, you don’t get this. What you get is a beautifully scented aroma that literally clears up those passage ways.